5 Essentials of Glitch Art You Should Know

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5 Essentials of Glitch Art You Should Know

Art has always held immense importance in my life. Whenever I feel like drawing inspiration from something, I choose to turn on my laptop and google all colorful images on the web. Sometimes I believe, if it hadn’t been for some incredible work by legendary artists, we as naïve artists would have nothing to look up to as a benchmark.

Glitch art is a modern form of art that comprises of practicing art using the digital medium for aesthetic purposes. If you haven’t understood the word, there’s nothing wrong. Glitch traditionally means the unexpected result of a malfunction. This problem usually occurs in software, images, audio, video games and other digital artefacts.

If you are looking forward to learning glitch art, there are a couple of things you need to know. In this article, I will guide you through 5 essentials of glitch art you must know.

Data Manipulation

If you haven’t heard it before, you need to learn that data manipulation transitions the information inside the digital file to carve glitches. On the other hand, data bending is inclusive of editing and changing the data file. If you’re a beginner, you must follow YouTube tutorials to learn how it works. Most young artists make a common mistake of beginning their work on the software without any experience.

Hardware Failure can happen

You can always expect hardware failure during your art project. Nothing is perfect. Therefore you should be mentally prepared for a prospective issue. However, hardware failure during glitch art is important for it creates a circuit bending, most commonly known as short circuit. This tiny wire malfunction is what produces glitches on screen. Ever seen your TV screen blinking an image due to less electricity. It is nothing but a glitch caused by short circuit.


You will be surprised to know that distortion was one of the earliest kinds of glitch that used to be produced in famous artworks of the 70s and 80s. Nam June Paik, a veteran artist used to create video distortion by using strong magnets close to the TV screens. This would cause appearance in an abstract pattern. It was Paik’s addition to the distortion causing disturbing images in the TV set.


These type of glitches are produced by opening a program of one file and a digital file of another. For example if you open a video file as a sound file, you will very likely cause misalignment. There are several tools that can be used to create glitches of this type. The most commonly used ones are Audacity and WordPad.


This is a process that involves the production of physical noise with the help of analogue media such as a motion picture film. This method is inclusive of collecting dirt, smudges and other stuff that can distort physical media. This ultimately has an impact on CDs and DVDs. Many veteran experts have said that audio failure is very important for it produces a wondrous sound.

So these were the different aspects of glitch art you must know. Although glitch art is a cliché option in today’s time, yet it is very trendy and liked by millions of people around the globe. As a young artist, you should know everything about this kind of art.


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