Choosing Your Color Scheme and Theme before Painting

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Choosing Your Color Scheme and Theme before Painting

Wall arts, paintings, murals, and canvases serve as an icing on the cake that is your beautiful home. Wall paintings make your space look more inviting, draws the eye, and pulls together the entire area. However, these wall arts can look off if you are or not choosing the right colors and theme of the painting. If you are here to learn how to make the right choice, then you have come to the right place. Below in this article, we’ve mentioned a few tips you can follow for choosing the color scheme and theme before even start painting. To learn about them, continue reading!

Consider Lighting of the Room

Heed to the amount of light entering the room because it will have a significant impact on choosing the color scheme. When you are considering a color scheme for a particular area of your house, try to spend more time in that area because natural light changes from sunrise to sunset. You should take note of how the sifting of light affects space. For example, a room with just a northern exposure is likely to receive less sunlight. For such a room, you need to choose a warmer color palette for a painting to soften the shadows. Conversely, an area that receives more daylight should have a cooler color scheme going on. Similarly, a room that gets no sunlight should be painted all white because it will look bright even under the lighting used in the place.

Find an Inspiration for Painting

There can be a lot of reasons to start painting, and one of the most important ones is to have a desire to paint. You might have a lot of ideas in your mind but don’t have enough to paint them on the wall. Maybe you are struggling to find inspiration. If so, then it comes highly recommended to have various reference images such as photos you like, and the work of other artists' work. Once you find inspiration for painting, then take your brushes and paints and start your artwork. Don’t worry about the result. It doesn’t matter if it turns out as a masterpiece or practice, get to work and dare to make mistakes. 

Follow Your Style

Before choosing a color palette or theme for your painting, one thing you need to keep in mind that it should reflect your personal style correctly. Your home should look like it is yours and your friends and family will appreciate it too. It means whether you want to paint your walls with wildlife art, splatter art, glitch art, or any new work, you can paint them. You can make every color and artwork look good on your walls as long as it is according to your taste and style. However, if you are choosing to get an artwork done on the wall, then be sure you are selecting the wall color that will make that artwork pop. 

Select the Wall Art by Theme

If your home is built around a specific theme or idea, then it is recommended to choose the theme of the painting accordingly. For example, if your house gives you beach vibes, then choosing sea life and island paintings would be a great idea. Similarly, if your home is based on more of a modern theme, then you can select new artwork to go on the walls. It will make everything look cohesive and put together. Homes that are made according to the specific themes are easy to decorate because you can simply remove items that are not going with the entire interior.


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