How to Make a Living as an Artist?

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How to Make a Living as an Artist?

Being an artist requires a lot of struggle. And this does not only include the effort of coming up with ideas but also the struggle of getting by with limited financial resources. You might have come across a talented person who gave their dream of becoming an artist just because they couldn’t afford it. And it is understandable, making a living as an artist isn’t the easiest thing. But anything is achievable if it is done right. Here are a few things that you need to apply in your life to make a living as an artist:

Make Good Art

The first and the most important rule of making a living as an artist is to make good art. Now, I am aware that whether an artwork is good or not is a subjective matter. Making good art means giving your hundred percent every time. You need to figure out your own style and play to your strengths. You also need to have a deeper understanding of your audience, making sure that they interpret what you want them to understand.

Dive into the Work of Other Artists

If you want to get better at making art and desire to make a living out of, it is essential that you immerse yourself in the work of other artists. Try to attend as many art exhibitions in your town as possible. And do not just limit yourself to paintings. See different forms of art, watch movies, go to theatres, and read books. Dive deep into their work and understand where they are coming from. This will help you broaden your horizons and create better artworks.

Show Your Best Work to a Lot of People

A good artist never fears criticism; in fact, good artists welcome criticism as it helps them understand how other people are interpreting their art. If you want to be a successful artist, you need to show your best pieces to a lot of people. This will not only give you exposure, but it will also boost your confidence. And do not hesitate to ask for feedback, you need to understand what part of your art is getting appreciation and what part is receiving criticism. The more you understand, the better you will get.

Consider Teaching and Art Apprenticeships

If you are looking to get a part-time job to support your art career, and don’t want to drift away further from the field, you can always consider teaching. As a teacher, you don’t just share your passion of becoming an artist, but you aspire students to become one. The job also has other great financial benefits which can help you support your art career. And if you don’t want to teach, you can consider becoming an apprentice to an established artist. This is an excellent way of learning more about art. You will continually be improving your skills, and you will also be making some money doing it. Apart from these two options, you can also apply for an art internship at educational institutions, museums and NGOs.


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