Splatter Art Easy Tips And Tricks?

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Splatter Art Easy Tips And Tricks?

There’s no escape from the fact that art has the power to bring a smile on someone’s face and instill creativity in life. Hadn’t it been for some incredible work of legendary artists, the world would have remained a dark place without beauty. So, aspiring artists, in this article we will guide you through some amazing tips you need to keep in mind when taking up the palette in your hand for splatter art.

The intriguing part about paint splatter art is it allows you to play around with paint in a way that you create something unique every time you feel like painting. All artists need to master the art of using brush and other paint equipment. Paint splatter art is expressive, elaborate and full of life. Secondly, it is less costly and loads of fun.

Read this guide to know everything about this kind of art.

Basic Supplies:

One of the first things you need to do is to gather important tools before you begin work. Though you can use any paint veteran artists applaud acrylic for it is the best. The benefit of using acrylic is that it is inexpensive, can be easily cleaned and comes in a lot of colors. Watercolors are also used very often and give a softer look as compared to acrylic. If you want to increase the variety of paints in your art room, you must incorporate latex paints for they are cheaper than most traditional paints.

Secondly, you need to have brush of different sizes and designs. You will be surprised to know that many artists also use toothbrush for it is perfect for painting. Most splatter artists prefer toothbrush for it can be used very easily and covers a massive surface in a short time.

Tips and Tricks For Splatter Painting

  1. Don’t use the same brush for different colors. You need to have a separate brush for each color on your palette. Separate them in different bowls and keep distinct.
  2. Don’t exaggerate the bowl with a lot of water. The best way is to add a moderate amount of liquid and try a sample to see how it looks. Depending on the output you can choose to add more water.
  3. Stick your painting surface on the wall to improve the output. Secondly, you need to practice action painting in the beginning, so it is important to put the surface in a horizontal direction.
  4. Restrain yourself in a specific area if you’re doing splatter painting for the first time in life. Most artists go out of context in the first shot.
  5. Don’t forget, every brush has a different impact on the surface. You need to have a diverse tool kit of brushes to help you throughout the process.
  6. Tap your paintbrush in the start to make sure it's working well. Don’t mind using your finger to flick paint from the pain covered brush.
  7. Try using a paint-covered spoon and fire a shot to see how the paint lands on the surface of the canvas. You can always squeeze the paint from the back to the top for full effect.
  8. Splatter techniques can be used to create a beautiful pattern of night sky full of stars.

So these were some quick tips and techniques for splatter painting. You don’t need to follow a particular tutorial when painting for the first time. If you have lots of creative ideas and if you’re inspired by the beauty around, you can do it.


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