What is your favorite art medium to use?

What is your favorite art medium to use?

My primary art medium is something I rarely show to the public.  Of all the artwork I have created, I often start off as sketches on Strathmore drawing paper.  I love their 11"×14" pads of drawing paper. I tend to enjoy the HB to 2B range in drawing pencils or an olive green Prismacolor pencil.  

I have spent a lot on various art supplies over the years.  I have my art supplies grouped in open top, shoe box size bins.  They sit on a wire shelf that is about five feet high. Six shelves with three bins horizontally.  I have a bin for groups of art supplies: brushes, graphite pencils, watercolor vials, color pencils separated by prisma color and non prisma color, acrylic paint effects, pastels, charcoal, oil paints, acrylic paints, and miscellaneous art tools.

I would not say I have a favorite medium though.  I aspire to complete an idea I get. I find the medium that will give me the desired effect.  I like having as many mediums as possible at my disposal. I collect different art mediums knowing the opportunity will arise to use them.  My splatter art came a few years after a purchase of concentrated watercolor in eye dropper vials. They were expensive and seemed like a premium purchase at the time. I was traveling in Oregon. I had two vials from college still in my possession and the expense of the single color left them mostly unused for over a decade.  I splurged after a good run of shows on a complete set of colors. I had no idea it would lead to superhero art when I bought them in the Pearl Arts district in downtown Portland. I took the watercolor vials to my hotel room along with a stack of 20x30 inch double weight cold press Crescent illustration boards. I used the watercolor eye droppers as paint brushes on the illustration board in the shower.  I loved watching the color spread and create patterns based on the nature of water and how if flows and dries. It was a few years later that I used the watercolors to start drawing superhero splatter art.  

I love the relationship between the medium and the surface of the painting.  I remember when I was fresh out of college I worked for a sign company. One day the manager tasked me with painting a big 4’x8’ MDF board white.  I was given a gallon of white paint. I started by pouring a big drop out on the MDF board and it made such a great drip and splatter shape. I thought it was a shame I could not let it dry.  For the brief moment it was a great painting before becoming an average construction lot sign. I love abstract expressionism and the nature of paint itself. I admire paintings that blur the line between accident and purpose.  

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